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Basic full care board includes stall cleaning, bedding, hay, grain and turnout. Each horse’s nutritional program will be evaluated and discussed with owner and each horse will receive the proper amount of good quality forage and grain. Turnout and a reasonable amount of blanket changes are also included in board. Payment is due on the 1st of every month.$575
SUPPLEMENTS/DEWORMING All supplements must be provided by the owner at the owner’s expense. Also all horses at Cornerside stables will be put on a deworming schedule at the owner’s expense.
PRIVATE TURNOUT/PADDOCK If you would like individual turnout or paddock for your horse this will be an additional $50.00 charge to boarding cost.
Cornerside would like to offer an additional service of grooming, tacking up or untacking your horse for an additional cost. $125 in addition to basic full care board 
Full Training Board:
This includes all of our full care services and a combination of up to 5 sessions of training rides or 3 lessons per week and 2 training rides. $1200
Partial Training Board: This includes all of our full care services and a combination of up to 3 sessions per week of training rides or 2 lessons and a training ride. $1000
Training Ride or lunging for all Cornerside boarded horses: $40.00
Training Ride for non Cornerside boarded horse: $50.00
Lessons are $50.00
Lesson Packages
Barn Buddies Program & Beginner introductory package- $225 (save $25)
This package consists of 5 lessons and the 5 lessons must be used withing 6 weeks from the start of package. Unused lessons at the end of the 6 weeks will be forfeited. 
Level 1 Package - $180 (Save $20)
4 lessons 1 session per week. must be used within 30 days of purchase.
Almost Grand Prix Package - $370 (Save $30)
8 Lessons 2 sessions per week. Must be used within 30 days of purchase. Recommended for advanced riders.