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Cornerside Stables Services





We are a full service Hunter/Jumper training and show facility our full care board includes stall cleaning, bedding, hay, grain and turnout. Each horse’s nutritional program will be evaluated and discussed with owner and each horse will receive the proper amount of good quality forage and grain. Turnout and a reasonable amount of blanket changes are also included in board. This includes 4 group lessons per month, if not used within the month they are forfeited. Payment is due on the 1st of every month. $925.00

Private Turnout is an additional $50.00 per month




Full Training Board: $1700

This includes all of our full care services along with 5-6 professional training rides per week (number of rides will depend on the horse and discretion of trainer). This package could also serve as a 3 lesson per week/ 1 professional ride or 2 lessons/ 3 Professional rides per week. This all inclusive package includes Theraplate sessions, schedule and handling for all routine appointments farrier, chiropractor, massage therapist, equine dentist, and Veterinarian.  

Partial Training Board:$1350

This includes all of our full care services and a combination of up to 14 professional training rides per month or up to 8 (2x week)group lessons per month and 1 professional ride per week.


Training Ride or lunging for all Cornerside boarded horses: $40.00


Training Ride for non Cornerside boarded horse: $50.00



Semi private/group Lessons for Cornerside boarders are $50.00


Private lessons for Cornerside Boarders are $65.00


Haul in lessons for non - boarded horses are $65.00  

Monthly Lesson Tuition 

(offered only for our non-boarding clients using Cornerside Lesson Horses) 

4 Lessons per month-$275

8 Lessons per month- $555

12 Lessons per month- $835


Horse Show Services and Fees

If you are planning to attend a horse show with Cornerside Stables all Show Invoices must be paid in full 1 week prior to the start of the show to be able to attend. All other incurred fees will be billed at the end of the show.


Horse Show Coaching/Riding fee: $65.00 per day for coaching/showing rides


Lesson Horse Rental: $30.00/per day while at show


Leadline: $25.00 (if using a horse already at the show)


Shipping: $1.75/mile with a minimum charge of $50.00


Basic care/per horse-$50.00/ per day at shows (feeding, stall cleaning, watering) This charge will be applied for each day while horse is at the show.  


Full Care/per horse: $100/ per day includes basic care services and grooming, bathing, lunging, bandaging, taking out braids and show preparation. This charge will be applied for each day while horse is at the show.    


Professional Training/schooling rides at shows-$40.00 (applies to all horses)


Lunging at shows- $20.00 (applies to all horses)


Packing/unpacking/loading/unloading fee: $25.00 (we strongly encourage to avoid this fee to make sure to participate in loading and unloading of your horse/tack).


Cornerside Tack Trunk Rental- $50.00 per show

Show End display (if applicable)-$20.00 per student


Other Misc. show costs

-Grooming/tack stalls: will be divided among each student

-Trainer & grooms Hotel/travel expenses: at cost and will be divided among each student


-Grooms weekly fee

-medications will billed separately if not provided by owner and only to be given by Cornerside stable trainers. 

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